Always KNOW Where That Deployment Handle is For Your PARACHUTE

And, KNOW that even if we successfully pull it, life may have something different in store for us.

My son enters Appalachian State University this Fall. We both have been feeling the impending change. For the last few months we have been creating moments, rites of passage, to commemorate one of the most significant life changes — leaving home.

On our last mother/son, pre-college excursion, a trip to Los Angeles in July, we got some ink. Yes, we went to a tattoo establishment in Venice Beach and took the plunge…

Whether you’re a fan or not, female rappers are on the scene and making a mark. With empowering, make-our-own-money and take-back-our-body lyrics, their songs are resonating with millions of our younger sisters.

This new cadre of female rappers, through lyrics and visuals, are claiming their power. Power in their financial independence, power to express their sexuality, and power in their relationships. They’re unapologetic and “in your face” with the message. …

The Truth About Teen’s Room

Can you TRUST they’re NOT coming back?

So many of our adult children boomeranged this year of COVID. In July, 52% of young adults resided with one or both of their parents, up from 47% in February, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of monthly Census Bureau data. Not since the Great Depression have that many young adults resided with their parents.

If you are one of the lucky ones; or unlucky depending on how much you enjoy housing your adult children; then you have some extra space in your home. …

Now, really IN my 50s, reality has hit. Some of my 30s and 40s life-style habits just aren’t working for me anymore.

I’ve struggled with the notion of fighting it, accepting it, ignoring it. I’ve been sad. I’ve been ticked-off. I’ve been resentful. I’ve been belligerent. Today I decided to not give a ‘bleep’ and expose a few of the miscreants which have been plaguing me. In sharing, I hope to disarm them of their self-esteem stripping power. And, maybe by sharing them, other women can find camaraderie and comfort that we are in this together.

Single, Married, or Partnered… Independence Is Key.

” I still carve…

Jacqueline Perez

Jacqueline (Jack) Perez is the CEO of Kuel Life. Her mission is to re-define midlife for women through curated content and women-driven brands.

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